(1)Aluminum lift is suitable for a variety of complex terrain, with various combinations and beautiful appearance. The leg height of mast column aerial work platform can be adjusted freely, and can be used in complex terrain such as steps and stairs; with the help of polyurethane caster, the damage to marble, wood floor and lawn […]

self propelled scissor lift 1

2 sets Self-propelled scissor lift to UAE


Capacity:380kg Lifting height:8m Type:Hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift The self-propelled shear fork type high altitude work platform makes many difficult and dangerous work easier, such as indoor and outdoor cleaning (ceiling, curtain wall, glass window, eaves, canopy, chimney, etc.), installation and maintenance of billboards, installation and maintenance of street lights and traffic signs, etc. This kind […]

Mobile hydraulic scissor lift

Advantages of mobile scissor lifts in use


1. The mobile lift is made of high-strength manganese steel. The lift made of manganese steel requires only simple maintenance and can work normally. 2. The connection strength of each part of the mobile elevator is very high, so the structure is stable and durable. Lifting freight elevators are mainly used for transportation of high-altitude […]

Stationary hydraulic scissor lift 1

Preparation for commissioning of hydraulic scissor lifts


After the mobile hydraulic lift is installed, it must be commissioned. The following work should be done: 1. Wash the hydraulic hydraulic lift several times. The fuel tank and various lubrication equipment should be filled with lubricating oil. The sliding surface should be oiled many times. The lubricating points should maintain sufficient lubricating oil. 2. […]

Electric scissor lift 300kg

300Kg Electric Scissor Lift Table To United Arab Emirates


Project: 300Kg Electric scissor lift table Customer: Nayeem Company: WESTEC Trading Company Ideally suited for use as a feeding table on an assembly line. Excellent hydraulic unit for raising table top to desired height. Electrically operated table descent control. Product Application This Electric Lift Table Cart allows you to quickly and easily lift and lower […]