100Kg Scissor Lift

100kg scissor lift table Supply In China

100kg hydraulic scissor lift is widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, easy operation, and light weight. It can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and it is very convenient to transport lighter items at short distances.

100Kg Hyraulic scissor lift table



Min. Lifting Height:320mm

Max. Lifting Height:1260mm

Total weight:50Kg

The hydraulic scissor lift is a vehicle that is pushed and pulled by human power. It is low in cost, simple in maintenance, easy to operate, light in weight, and can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use. Scissor lift is very convenient to carry articles in short distances, so hydraulic scissor lift has been widely used in production and life. In the existing small and medium-sized furniture manufacturing enterprises, the short-distance transportation during the production of the furniture or after the completion of the production is often completed by using a trolley. For large or long-length furniture finished products or semi-finished products, such as vertical cabinets, in order to avoid falling, slipping or excessive shaking from the trolley when carrying the trolley, the operator needs to use a rope or the like to carry the furniture to be carried. A certain degree of bundling is fixed to ensure safety during transportation. However, the bundling process is time consuming and labor intensive, giving the operator extra work and affecting the efficiency of delivery of finished or semi-finished furniture.

100kg scissor lift table parameter table:




Capacity                                     (kg)



Max Lift Height                           (mm)



Min Height                                 (mm)



Platform Size(LxW)                     (mm)



Net Weight                                 (kg)



Gross Weight                              (kg)



Package Size                              (mm)



    1. How about the battery working life?

    Our battery is form DIN standard battery ( Germany technology), can be working 6 years without any problem.

    2. Can you customize and design as the clients requirement?

    New Newton will try its best to meet all kinds of clients special requirements. The colors can be painted as clients need.

    3. How long is the warranty of your products?

    Normally 1 year or 10000 working hours. Details to see the New Newton warranty policy for each model.

    4. Can you produce the products labeled with the client's brand?]

    With the authorization of the brand,we can OEM for our clients.

    5. Is the operation procedure easy to learn?

    Every step of our company's products is very easy to learn, and considering the unskilled

    operation, we have added emergency protection measures to each product to ensure the absolute safety of the user.

    6. Does the load-bearing effect bear the weight according to the product identification?

    Our products are only marketed after quality inspection, so the products must conform to the product identification load.

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